HUMAN & MACHINE working together for a healthier world

Democratizing value-based care in mammography service providers through AI.

We believe in machines helping humans, not replacing them. Our vision is to create a world where radiologists use AI to have a flawless diagnosis at an increased speed, providing a much higher care delivery and, ultimately, saving more lives.

We’re committed to delivering the highest value to our customers. That’s why we decided to be breast specialists (not generalists) and build an end-to-end solution that utilizes AI to maximize the quality of mammography service providers.

The great benefits of AI in the radiologist's workflow:

Increase efficiency

  1. Worklist creation and distribution
  2. Triage of suspicious vs. non-suspicious
  3. Reduction of extra images


Increase quality

  1. Higher quality control on image acquisition by the technician
  2. More time spent in suspicious exams
  3. Increase early detection
  4. Add a complete double reading methodology.

Cost reduction

Increase early detection 

More visibility of workforce

  1. Production and quality metrics

Identify clinical error

Create a laser-focused workforce retraining program

medical treatment

Peace of mind

  1. Less anxiety


Less recall

Less time in the clinic

Less radiation

Less discomfort



We work with centers of excellence across the United States, Europe and South America to build a high quality dataset to train our AI models. Our goal is to democratize value-based care in mammography service providers and contribute to a better care delivery.

If you consider yourself a center of excellence and feel like contributing to a better care delivery, let's talk!

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