Transforming breast imaging services by connecting people, processes, and technology

Our proprietary system utilizes AI and data analytics to connect people and processes and drive continuous improvement, leading to a higher efficiency and quality in image acquisition.

Are you utilizing your resources
at max capacity and quality?


- Increase image acquisition quality
- Positioning
- Pressure
- Reduce diagnostic risk

Patient Safety

- Better dose management
- Reduce recall rate


- Image standardization
- Cost reduction
Training & Management

Increasing quality and efficiency
of mammography service providers

Improve of 115%
in Quality*

Before Aquila
Q2 2022
After Aquila
Q3 2022

Improve of 50%
in Efficiency*

Before Aquila
Q2 2022
After Aquila
Q3 2022

Using our system you can improve patient care and increase profit margin.

* Customer improvement in a 5-month period.


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