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Multiply your workforce with the use of AI.

We offer an end-to-end solution for mammography service providers, starting with a quality control for image acquisition going all the way to the entity’s administration, helping them make smarter decisions with the help of AI.

When talking about AI, quantity is important, but much more important is quality anda diversity. The old saying “garbage in, garbage out” applies very well to AI. That’s why we have decided to partner with centers of excellence around the globe. We have trained our algorithms using over 2M images, from private practices and hospitals from the US, Europe, and South America. We then filtered and selected the most diverse and representative lesions to ensure we captured the highest variety of findings.


AquilaIQ is an image acquisition quality control tool. Our AI algorithms perform real-time analysis of the breast positioning in the equipment, the need for extra images, and equipment calibration.

Breast shot without pathology against white light


AquilaSR is used for the first reader to help them maximize their efficiency and diagnostic confidence. Radiologists receive a worklist based on certain criteria to help optimize their workflow. The AI algorithms also provide radiologists information about the exam, whether it is suspicious or non-suspicious, the type of lesion, and a heatmap with the location of the findings.


With AquilaSDR the entities can implement a complete double reading system in their clinic or hospital for a fraction of the cost. The second reader will only work with the discrepancies (where the first radiologist and Aquila did not agree), allowing a considerable workload reduction of the second reader and an increase in diagnostic confidence.

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double reading implemented

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concordance of non-suspicious exams

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workload reduction of the 2nd reader


AquilaBI is a series of production and quality statistics and metrics to provide crucial information and higher visibility to the clinics. Statistics such as workload reduction, quality analysis, discrepancy (between first reader, Aquila, and second reader) analysis, etc. With AquilaBI clinics can now perform custom and high-quality training to their workforce to increase quality even more.